Who We Are?

About Us

We’re of the CV NUL FOOD & CRAFT crew, passionate about sharing authentic Indonesian finds with the world. Back in the day, we started on marketplaces like eBay and Etsy, but now we’ve got a bigger basket at Alibaba and go4worldbusiness too. We’ve shipped Indonesian agriculture commodities, etc to over 60 countries – that’s a lot of happy customers! Come browse our cocoa powder and discover something delicious!

our CEO

Mr. Muhammad Luqmanulhakim, is the brains behind Cocoator.com’s B2B push! He’s been with the company since the early days on eBay and Etsy, and has a passion for getting Indonesian products into the global market. Not only has he attended several Alibaba events to stay on top of the latest trends, but he’s also been certified by Google Local Business and Semrush. With his expertise in market research, he’s steering Cocoator towards exciting new B2B opportunities.

Our Mission

To provide high-quality, sustainably sourced Indonesian cocoa powder to manufacturers, bakers, and households globally. We aim to elevate the standard of cocoa products by offering superior quality products, unparalleled service, and a commitment to sustainable farming practices.

Indonesian Cocoa Powder 8

Our Vision

To become the leading supplier of cocoa powder in Indonesia and a trusted partner worldwide, renowned for our product quality, sustainable practices, and dedication to improving the lives of our local cocoa farmers.

Our Core Values

  1. Quality: We prioritize quality in every aspect of our work, from sourcing our cocoa beans to processing them into high-quality cocoa powder.

  2. Sustainability: We believe in preserving our environment for future generations. Our commitment to sustainable farming practices underpins every decision we make.

  3. Integrity: We uphold the highest standards of ethical business conduct. We believe in fair trade and in ensuring our farmers receive fair compensation for their work.

  4. Partnership: We don’t just want to be a supplier – we want to be a partner to our clients. We strive to understand their needs and deliver products and services that exceed their expectations.

  5. Innovation: We continuously look for better ways to deliver our products and services. Whether it’s improving our processing methods, finding more sustainable farming techniques, or enhancing our customer service, we’re always innovating.

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